Outdoor logistics RB-VOGUI is a general purpose mobile robotic platform designed primarily for outdoor transport tasks.

It is a highly mobile, all-terrain modular base that can operate in indoor environments, but especially outdoors. Therefore, this AMR is suitable for automating tasks of different nature in sectors such as R&D, agriculture, security or logistics, performing final applications based, for example, on last mile delivery.

Due to its different versions, RB-VOGUI can perform manipulation tasks (RB-VOGUI+) or transport heavier loads thanks to the RB-VOGUI XL version, with a load capacity of 200 kg. RB-VOGUI is also a robust and collaborative robot, capable of navigating autonomously and avoiding obstacles, if necessary.

This AMR uses steering wheels, allowing different kinematic configurations: omnidrive, ackerman or double ackerman. Specifically, the version with mecanum wheels allows for an omnidrive configuration indoors, while the RB-VOGUI-6 model can overcome obstacles up to 200 mm and move through rough environments.

All Robotnik robots are modular and have a ROS-based architecture.

  • rbvogui_sim: Contains the Robotnik RB-VOGUI simulation packages.
  • rbvogui_common: Contains the Robotnik RB-VOGUI common packages.


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