Indoor autonomous transport for logistics The RB-THERON mobile robot is designed for autonomous transport in indoor environments.

With a payload capacity of 200 Kg, RB-THERON has an improved traction system, lasers and a safety PLC that allow it to work safely in industrial environments where people are around.

It is an optimal solution for industrial applications in indoor environments, such as factories or warehouses, where the transport of loads is one of the most demanded operations and that can be automated through robots such as RB-THERON. In addition, it can have customized applications such as people tracking.

RB-THERON can integrate options such as the automatic docking station or the lifting system. The latter is intended for the transport of shelves, trolleys or similar items.

The robot is able to detect obstacles in two different ways, through the installed RGBD sensor and through a laser that is used for navigation and localization. In both cases, the robot can stop or look for an alternative route to avoid the obstacle and reach the next waypoint. The embedded software consists of a control system, a localization system (laser-based) and a navigation system, as well as an HMI user interface.

The localization and navigation components are standard packages that are custom-configured for your application, and the software for the low-level control system is supplied with the platform. All Robotnik robots are fully customizable and based on ROS.

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