Indoor autonomous transport for logistics The RB-ROBOUT mobile robot is the solution for transporting heavy loads up to 1 tonne in weight, in indoor industrial environments such as factories or warehouses.

Its ergonomic, low height and compact mouse-like design makes the RB-ROBOUT the ideal mobile robot for transporting both material trolleys and loads directly on the platform.

It has a robust steel design and can transport up to 1 000 kg of load. The dolly has omnidirectional kinematics based on 4 high power drive wheels.

Thanks to the safety lasers, the RB-ROBOUT is an autonomous and collaborative robot able to share the working space with the operators in an intelligent way by detecting obstacles, searching for alternative routes and optimising trajectories.

The robot is capable of operating with different types of localization: SLAM (map-based navigation) or philoguided (for very high precision requirements), and is able to use different modes in the same installation.

It has a wide range of optional components and accessories to suit the tasks to be performed:

  • Roller path / Conveyor belt
  • Load elevators
  • Pallet or box supports

All Robotnik robots are modular and its architecture is based on ROS, which facilitates their adaptation to the particularities of the application. The robot has an interface to make the system easy to manage by any user.


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