YZ-01C ROS robot platform is very suitable for commercial application developping. It has a ABS plastic cover and the frame is metal material. Its size is 52x48x27cm, can payload up to 50KG, and the maximum walking speed can reach 1.5 meters per second. YZ-01C’s built-in DCDC power conversion module can provide four different voltages of 5V, 12V and 24V, which can power many kinds robot sensors. This platform has build-in Intel Core-i5 CPU PC, installed UBUNTU 16.04 O/S and ROS “Kinetic”. YZ-01C provides open source basic ROS application examples and basic motion driven node programs that allow developers to use it very easily. Also, we installed our private localization and navigiation packs, using this private packs YZ01C robot can give perfect SLAM and navigation task. Further, we also provide android operating app apk for the user who does not good at ROS system. Via this android app you can easily drive robot, do SLAM and navigate easily.

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