Compare with YZ-01, YZ-02 ROS robot platform is a four-wheels driving. The chassis is about 80x60X38cm and gross weight is 40Kg, max. payload is 100kg. It is designed for running outdoor applications. YZ02 ROS robot kit use high power DC-gears motors with high efficiency and high load. The platform can load user’s devices up to 80KG, and the maximum walking speed can reach 1.0 meters per second. YZ-02’s built-in DCDC power conversion module can provide four different voltages of 5V, 12V, 19V and 24V, same as YZ-01 platform. In order to facilitate developers to do in-depth research, the ROS platform has build-in Intel Core-i5 industrial PC and installed UBUNTU 16.04 O/S + ROS Kinetic packages. At the same time, like other ROS platform robots, ROS robot YZ-02 provides open source basic ROS application examples and basic motion driven node programs that allow developers to use it very easily.

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