The VOLTA robot is a flexible and configurable ground robot platform to help you accelerate your robotics learning or development process. Use VOLTA and avoid the hassle of using multiple robots for your robotics journey from learning the basics of ROS to the development of application prototypes or proof of concept (PoC) projects. Adopt the cost-effective VOLTA base robot to save you time from scratching your head with hardware problems or other platforms.

With a strong and reliable selection of components from low level controllers to mechanical structure, VOLTA allows you to add and remove a multiple range of PCs, sensors and other payload modules. Upgrade your onboard computers as per your requirement and find the relevant packages at our ROS Wiki page for an easy plug-in. Whether you are a curious learner or advanced researcher, VOLTA is the perfect platform for you. Find more details on our website or drop us an email for a quote.

Why VOLTA is the right robot for you?

  • More robust and capable than other beginner platforms with a custom payload mount, 30 kg payload capacity and 1.0 m/s maximum speed.
  • Reliable and strong hardware design with the aesthetic finish of that of an industrial AMR.
  • Inbuilt navigation package tuned for optimum performance.
  • Configurable PCs such as Odroid XU4, Fitlet2, NVIDIA Jetson Nano.
  • Option to add on sensors such as 2D/3D lidars, ultrasonic sensors, speakers, 2D/3D cameras, motion capture sensors, etc.
  • A powerful 24V LiFePO4 batter pack for extended operation.
  • Compact and portable size of 520 mm X 365 mm X 233 mm.

Next Steps

If you are a robotics educator, seasoned roboticist or even a curios robotics enthusiast, reach out to us to find out more about how VOLTA can fulfill your requirements. We can advise on how best VOLTA can suit your use case. Reach out to us at or visit us at