Tinymovr Family

The Tinymovr Motor Controller is a cost-effective solution for control of robotic actuators. It supports a variety of control modes, including position, velocity, and current/torque control, making it highly versatile for a wide range of robotic applications.

All Tinymovr variants integrate an absolute angle encoder (MPS MA702) for instant system start-up and precise position tracking, and can interface with external sensors such as Hall effect (R5 only) or SPI sensors.

Tinymovr utilizes CAN bus for communication, ensuring robust and reliable operation. It is equipped with various safety features including overcurrent, over- and under-voltage, and overtemperature protection, ensuring reliable operation in demanding environments. The compact size and high performance of both Tinymovr R5 and M5 make it an ideal choice for developers looking to build compact and efficient robotic systems.

Two variants are available, Tinymovr R5 and Tinymovr M5. A ready-to-use Servo Kit is also available.

Tinymovr R5

Tinymovr R5

The Tinymovr R series can drive a wide variety of high-current PMSM motors using Field-Oriented Control (FOC). It has an input voltage range of 12-38V and max continuous phase current of 40A.

Short presentation video of Tinymovr R5:

Tinymovr M5

Tinymovr M5

The Tinymovr M series, an even more compact variant, is suitable for FOC control of “gimbal” style motors. It has an input voltage range of 12-38V and max continuous phase current of 5A.

Tinymovr R5 Servo Kit

Tinymovr R5 Servo Kit

The Tinymovr R5 Servo Kit combines a Tinymovr R5 controller with a capable, high quality motor, in a compact setup with an aluminum bracket. It is ideal to get you started fast on brushless servomotor control.

Libraries and Integrations

We offer libraries for Python, Arduino and C++, and ROS. The ROS package includes a simple example of a differential drive robot that should get you up and running in no time.

Tinymovr can be integrated with a wide range of brushless motors and motor-reducer units. We offer integration of custom motors, including design and manufacture of custom brackets and motor/controller calibration. Please get in touch at info@tinymovr.com for more information.

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