TALOS: High performance humanoid robot

TALOS is a fully electrical biped robot, measures 1.75m high and has torque sensor feedback in all joints. It is a high-performance robot that can walk at up to 3Km/h and has a payload of 6 Kg at each arm.

The humanoid robot stands as one of the most powerful bipeds of its kind, also due to unique features such as using EtherCAT bus protocol, which speeds its capabilities when responding to any external stimulus.

This makes the robot very adaptive and suitable for accomplishing tasks in environments shared with people.

TALOS has been designed for industrial purposes, to perform heavy, non-ergonomic actions that can be dangerous for factory workers in industry 4.0.

A picture is worth a thousand words: TALOS Gallery



A feature-rich Gazebo simulation setup for TALOS is freely available on PAL Robotics’ github page.

Instructions on how to install can be found in the how to launch TALOS in gazebo tutorial.