RoboSavvy Self-balancing robotic platform

A robust, reliable and flexible self-balancing mobile platform for robotic applications.

This platform provides researchers, engineers and hackers the ability to easily design their robotic application on top of a modular hardware interface. The user can quickly develop and integrate their own hardware, integrate sensors, manipulators, other types of payload and third party equipment on top of the platform.


  • Self-balancing mobile platform for loads from 10 kg up to 100 kg.
  • Integrated PC running Ubuntu 14.04 and ROS Indigo.
  • Urban dweller and countryside explorer.
  • Dual control:
    1. 9 channel RC input
    2. UART protocol over USB CDC device
  • ROS packages for communication, visualization and simulation.


You can find tutorials on how to use the simulated RoboSavvy’s self-balance platform and how to customize it for your simulated application.

RoboSavvy is a manufacturer of mobile robots and robot systems.

Robosavvy Self-balance platform

ROS packages can be found on RoboSavvy’s repository