What is Revel?

Revel is a medium sized, lightweight, power efficient 6 degree of freedom robotic manipulator from Svenzva Robotics. But Revel is also…

A platform for teaching

Revel is used for education

The Revel Robotic Arm’s abilities make it uniquely poised as an inexpensive platform for education. Whether you’re teaching robotic principles, robotics in manufacturing, control theory or artificial intelligence- Revel is a perfect test bed.

A way to automate

Revel automates material handling

Using ROS and Svenzva Robotics’ software, Revel can be taught a new behavior quickly and repeatably. This makes Revel an inexpensive option to test or add automation to your company’s light manufacturing workflow.

A flexible research tool

Revel conducts material research

Revel’s motors provide you with all the data you could need: position, velocity, acceleration, torque through current sensing, just to name a few. Revel has high level control through ROS drivers, the MoveIt! and ros_control packages, and cartesian commanded movement, allowing you to get up and running on the platform quickly.

However, the motors also have low level access, should you need it. So you can implement your own control loop algorithm at any time.

A tailor made experience

Revel solder station

Modifying your robot shouldn’t be a headache. With Revel, its a breeze. Revel’s design allows you to make modifications for your specific use case. Use Svenzva’s own accessories like their vacuum gripper system. Or bring your own with confidence with Revel’s open body design and mountable accessory areas.

Visit Revel’s product page for more information.

Feature highlights

  • $6.5k USD price point
  • 6 DOF + Parallel Gripper
  • modular gripper fingers
  • low power consumption & lightweight
  • 63cm maximum reach
  • 1.2kg maximum payload at full reach
  • embedded, MoveIt! and ros_control control interfaces
  • force control and gravity compensation for human-to-robot kinesthetic teaching
  • highly customizable with a growing accessory arsenal

Force control with gravity compensation

MoveIt! Demonstration