Revel is an affordable 6 Degree of Freedom robotic manipulator from Svenzva Robotics. Revel provides full state information at high baud (100Hz), has a 1.2kg payload at a full reach of 63cm. Revel’s opensource software was designed to allow integration into existing popular control interfaces in ROS, such as MoveIt! and ros_control, but can be controlled directly through embedded motor controllers.

Revel playing Jenga

Aside from power users, Revel can also be used as an educational platform or a lightweight addition to a mobile base. See Svenzva’s education outreach page for more information on scholastic use cases.

Visit Revel’s ROS wiki page or its product page for more information.

Feature highlights

  • Sub $7k USD pricepoint
  • 6 DOF + Parallel Gripper
  • modular gripper fingers
  • low power consumption & lightweight
  • 63cm maximum reach
  • 1.2kg maximum payload at full reach
  • embedded, MoveIt! and ros_control control interfaces
  • force control and gravity compensation for human-to-robot kinesthetic teaching

Cartesian Teleop

Force control with gravity compensation

MoveIt! Demonstration