Whether you’re a researcher, an academic, a creative or an innovation professional, Reachy is probably the best solution for you to learn, explore and develop AI and robotics with an open source projet.

Reachy is an open source (both hardware and software) humanoid robot that comes with a head, a torso and two 7 DoF bio-inspired arms. It is equipped with a full SDK that allows you to develop your own applications (Python and ROS 2 Foxy) so the robot runs autonomously. Besides it can also be teleoperated with a virtual reality headset. Specific tasks may be tested right away, it is also a huge shortcut for designing applications instead of programming complex behaviors. Reachy is designed to evolve among humans. It is safe and pleasant to interact with and it can make itself useful by taking/giving objects, welcome and give directions to people. It is also a perfect platform to explore and understand stat-of-the-art AI & Robotics technologies.

Since July 2022, Reachy can be mounted on a cylinder-shaped mobile base equipped with 3 omniwheels with one encoder and one Inertial Measurement Unit for each wheel, and a 2D Time Of Flight (ToF) LIDAR. Reachy has now access to more applications and a wider working space.

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