🦕 Nanosaur is an open-source project designed and made by Raffaello Bonghi.

🦕 Nanosaur is a simple open-source robot based on NVIDIA Jetson. This robot is fully 3D printable, able to wander on your desk autonomously, and use a simple camera and two OLEDs — these act as a pair of eyes. The size is only 10x12x6cm and it weighs only 500g. Nanosaur is designed and made to run on ROS2.

Make & Install

🦕 Nanosaur is simple and does not need enough time to wandering on your desktop. If your are making from scratch Nanosaur you need to follow this guide in order, starting from

If you are missing some parts or you need an help, you can join to the official nanosaur Discord community.


🦕 Nanosaur open-source project is under license: