MIP robotics : Making Industrial Robotics Accessible To All

Junior 300 is an industrial collaborative robot created by MIP robotics. It is robust, easy to program, collaborative, safe, and provides fast ROI. We provide here a sample code, showing compatibility with MoveIt! and Gazebo.



MIP Junior is currently running 24h/6d in Toshiba’s production line. The robot has been running for over a million cycles during which the system was capable of reaching a success ratio of 99.5%.

Easy to program

The Junior can be easily instructed directly on the tablet for simple programs. For more complex program we have developed a highly intuitive drag and drop programming solution allowing counters, conditions, loops, screwing, liquid deposition, and many new application in the pipe works…

Provides fast ROI

The simplicity of programming, low price (below 10,000€) and universal interface makes the integration of our robot faster and simpler. Therefore decreasing the overall cost of your solution and increasing your ROI.

Operator helper

The MIP Junior is a collaborative robot. It is designed to reduce operator fatigue and repetitive stress injuries.


  • Size : 900 mm * 140 mm * 320 mm
  • Weight : 13.9 kg
  • Degrees of Freedom : 4
  • Payload : 5 kg
  • Collaborative speed : 500 mm/s
  • Work radius : 600 mm
  • Communication :
    • TCP/IP with RJ45
    • 8 Digital Inputs
    • 8 Digital Outputs
  • Power :
    • 24 V DC (adapter provided)