Get to your robot application 2 years faster with Magni Silver!

How long would it take you to design, implement and test a system with payload, navigation, mobility, compute and power? That’s what you save with Magni Silver. It provides a base for your application, at an affordable price.

Magni allows you to build advanced robot software quickly by harnessing the many tools and libraries built into ROS. We have created several example applications for you to base your application off of, so that you can build your robot application even faster. All of this is available on a proven platform with customers all over the world.

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Why Magni Silver?

✔︎ 100kg payload delivered on an aerospace aluminum chassis

✔︎ On-board power supply for your own applications or tools

✔︎ Raspberry Pi 3B+ running Ubuntu and ROS

✔︎ Mobile in any wheelchair accessible space

✔︎ Navigation, compute, mobility and power works out of the box

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What can it do?

Browse our use-cases here and find more information on what you can potentially do with your own Magni Silver.

Aside from that, let your imagination roam!

How do I proceed?

We’re glad that we had peaked your interest! To learn more about Magni Silver, click here or purchase it directly here!

Join hundreds of other companies and institutions that had the pleasure of working with it and make our robot, your robot.