Leo Rover is an outdoor robotics developer kit.

It is essentially an open-source developer-friendly mobile robot designed tough enough for outdoor use with all the equipment you need on top.

If you get it from this single sentence, you’ll love the Rover from the first minute!


  • Open-source software and hardware models
  • RaspberryPi as a main computer
  • Core2-ROS as a hardware controller
  • 5MPx camera with ready-to-go streaming (IR-ready)
  • Weatherproof
  • Up to 5kg of payload capacity
  • Double-rocker 4-wheel suspension
  • ROS-based software (of course!)

But the biggest feature of Leo Rover is the support you get.

We provide any help you need with your own ideas integration.

And what’s even better - the help is mostly free. We’re here to make your ideas come true and as long they are fun and useful - we’re happy to collaborate both as a team and as a community.

Leo Rover bases on known components and integrates everything that is available in the market. Our team is constantly working on sourcing new fun features and adding them to the system and tutorials database. And if you see there’s something missing - feel free to tell us: contact@turtlerover.com

~ Leo Rover team