Jazz is a mobile telepresence robot developed by Gostai.

Its main features are:

  • A mobile base providing odometry, and linear/angular speed control.
  • 8 ultrasonic sensors, 4 IR sensors
  • Optional high-end 30m range telemetric laser for autonomous navigation.
  • 800x480 LCD screen
  • Wifi 802.11G
  • A USB2 port for extra accessories (cameras, modules…)
  • D510 1.66GHz processor with Linux OS (Ubuntu 10.04 server)
  • 2 camera types: 1600 X 1200 – 30 FPS - Vision angle: 90° OR 720 x 576 – 25 FPS – Vision angle: 170°
  • A battery providing 5 hours of autonomy.
  • A charging dock. The robot is capable of docking itself automatically if positioned near its docking station.

Jazz is available in multiple versions. The Open Jazz version is specifically tailored for research purposes and comes with a SDK that provides a ROS interface.