GoPiGo3 is a differential drive robot manufactured by Dexter Industries, that offers a wide range of sensors and actuators you can add to it. The robot is intended to be used as an educational kit for learning about both robotics and programming, two complementary perspectives that clearly show the transversal knowledge you should acquire to become a robotics engineer.

The GoPiGo3 can be used with DexterOS, which offers a block-based programming language for true beginners, intermediate learners get a pre-installed Jupyter server to do some computer vision, machine learning and data science. Or you can swap the operation system and install Ubuntu/Melodic for some advanced robotics-specific learning. A truly versatile robot, it’s ideal for schools, camps, or for families where every member can learn at their own level.

ROS Tutorial

There is a get-started tutorial here:

ROS Book

There is a book to guide you through your ROS learning experience:

Generic GoPiGo Documentation

The GoPiGo itself is documented here: