Gauss6 is a perfect 6-axis robotics arm platform specifically designed for the ROS community and robotics learners.

Gauss6 is typical study tool helping learners know the structure of a manipulation and native ROS programming. You can learn the standard structure, kinematics and robot control of a 6-axis manipulator from Gauss6. It has already sourced most ROS codes including path planning for a manipulator. Moreover, you can build up creative applications you like on it.

More details about Gauss6 can be found at github repo and ROS wiki


Open. Open software and 3D printable structure.

Affordable. The price of Gauss6 can be accept by most family and school education and training.

EcoSystem. Gauss6 will link users and innovators to form an ecosystem to share their ideas, examples, experiences, source codes, knowledge,know-how, creativity and, of course, fun.

Easy to use. Gauss6 comes with Tony Robot Studio to manage the comprehensive control and RoboWare Studio for easy ROS programming.