ROS-Enabled Drone

Gapter EDU is a perfect platform to learn drone programming with ROS. A comprehensive ROS package with several demos is available for Gapter.

Gapter fully support the MAVLink protocol allowing its control and monitoring through MAVLink ground stations. You can easly define and control autonmous missions of Gapter drone through Internet or Telemtry devices.

Internet Connectivity

Using a 3G/4G WiFi model you can make Gapter accessible through Internet or Local Area Network. Using Dronemap Planner software along with the 3G/4G WiFi router, you can control and monitor Gapter anywhere in the world through the Internet.


Pixhawk is open-source flight controller platform providing a high-quality autopilot widely accepted in robotics community. Pixhawk contains a vast array of integrated sensors including 3D accelerometer, gyroscorp, magnetometer, barometer and much more. It is nativaley support the Ardupilo flight controller software and the MAVLink protocol.

Ordoid XU4 SBC

Odroid XU4 single-board computer is integrated with Pixhawk to provide the best performance possible for the autopilot. XU4 is a powerful single board computer which is know to be four times faster than Raspberry PI2 and also equipped with 1GB Ethernet network interface and 2G of RAM. Gapter leverages the integrated use of XU4 and Pixhawk to provide an ultimate experience and a flexible and modular platform for users.

3D Sensor

This is a unique feature in Gapter as compared to other COTS drone platforms, as 3D sensor allows both to have onboard camera in addition to a laser range finder used to avoid obstacles and navigate more safely. In addition, Asus Live Pro 3D sensor is fully compatible with ROS.

Software and Educational Tools

Gapter EDU was designed with research and education in mind. Gapter comes with a comprehensive documentation and software packages that allows a user to easily start working and developing with Gapter. Software packages including both ROS and MAVLink in addtion to MAVROS. Gaitech EDU portal provides an technical resources to start developing applications with Gapter, user manual and guides. Furthemore, Gaitech Forum provides customers with continuous technical support and responses to their queries.


  • Dimensions: 358 * 358 * 220mm
  • Payload: 0.6KG
  • 3Dsensor: Intel Realsense R200
  • Battery type: Lipo Battery (3S, 4S)
  • Onboard Computer: Odroid XU4 with 2 GHz and Octa core CPU , 2GB RAM
  • Internal Sensors: Gyroscope, Barometer, 3D accelerometer
  • External Sensors: GPS, Optical Flow
  • Connectors: USB 3.0, HDMI 1.4afor display, Gigabit Ethernet port
  • Communication with PC: WiFi, Telemetry

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