Farm-ng Amiga

The Farm-NG Amiga is an advanced agricultural management system designed to revolutionize farming practices and enhance productivity in the agricultural industry. It combines cutting-edge technologies and data-driven insights to provide farmers and agricultural professionals with comprehensive monitoring, control, and optimization capabilities for their farming operations.

For Developers

We love making tools, and built the Amiga robot to empower and inspire farmers, engineers, hackers, communities, or anyone with a vision to make it their own. The Amiga is a platform, community, and an ecosystem of components built to customize the Amiga, extend it, and maintain forever. In this section you will find our continually evolving robotics tool-set that makes building reliable outdoor systems easier and faster. We include products, code, documentation, CAD, links, and inspiration for your next project!

Start developing with the Amiga today!

Begin using ROS to develop on the Farm-ng Amiga

Overall, the Farm-NG Amiga is a comprehensive agricultural management system that leverages advanced technologies to optimize farming operations, maximize yields, and promote sustainable and efficient farming practices.