Crazyflie is an open-source and open-hardware nano quadcopter made by Bitcraze. There are several models available:

  • Crazyflie 2.X is a small quadrotor (9cm motor-to-motor, 27g).
  • Crazyflie Bolt is a flight controller for quadrotors that can be used for custom drones.

Both models have an extension port to allow to add hardware add-ons (so-called decks). Depending on the equipped decks, the Crazyflie platform can reach different levels of autonomy.

All models are supported by ROS and can be controlled from a host computer using a special USB dongle called Crazyradio PA.

ROS Packages

Crazyswarm workspace containing driver, simulation, and demo applications.

Note that this is the official successor of crazyflie ros package for ROS Melodic, ROS Noetic, and beyond.

Research examples

Check out the latest compilation video: