Botsync Copernicus is a rugged and easy to integrate ground robot designed to support your prototyping and research needs for outdoor applications. Copernicus supports the ROS out of the box and provides access to motion commands through a serial interface. The system has been designed to support multiple third part sensors and manipulators. The support covers the software as well as the electromechanical integration of the sensors that you need, such that your effort in setting up the system that you need for your research efforts is as minimal as possible.

Why Copernicus is the right robot for you?

  • Rugged platform of size of 860 x 760 x 590 mm
  • A powerful 24V, 42 Ah LiFePO4 battery pack for long operations
  • Easy integration of external/payload modules of up to 50 kg
  • Ground clearance of 130 mm
  • On the spot turning capability (0 degree turning radius)
  • All-terrain capability with 30 degrees of maximum slope
  • Maximum speed of 1.3 m/s
  • Reliable and strong 4 x 4 drivetrain

Next Steps

If you are a robotics researcher or a seasoned roboticist, reach out to us to find out more about how Copernicus can fulfill your requirements. We can advise on how best Copernicus can suit your use case. Reach out to use at or visit us at