Bveeta Mini is a ROS educational mobile robot and was created in year 2021. Bveeta mini is based on two wheeled mobile robot, which is driven by the educational computer programming language. Bveeta mini, which originated from the two wheeled mobile robot, is designed to teach people to use ROS through Bveeta mini its platform as well as to teach computer programming language. There are 2 versions of the Bveeta mini model. The first model was Bveeta mini, and the second model is Bveeta mini type R as shown in Figure 1.0. Both models have the same capabilities and function. Bveeta mini was developed by Bizbot Technology, a start-up tech company from Malaysia who has more than 16 years’ experience in developing mobile robot platform and has wide experience in electronics control, programming, and mechanical design of mobile robot platform. With the demanding of the open-source platform, thus Bveeta Mini start to revolute its own technology to meet the market needs. In research area, Bveeta mini helps many researchers to accelerate their product design by making this Bveeta mini as an example of product of the shelf and ready to be deploy.