Bulldog(professional Robot) is a robust and versatile middle size plazfrom designed for outdoor operations.All-terrain,all-weather for wheel skid-steer,the robot can climb stairs,slope,and maneuver directly toa point of interest on rough road outside.The robot can be teleoperated,follow the leader or use GPS waypoint navigation.

Modular design and provide 5/12/24/48V power and reconfigurable I/O.Make the robot easy to integrate serveral sensors(indoor/outdoor laser,cameras,3D cameras,inertial measurement units,GPS…)and actuator(light weight robot arm,sterovision,pan-tilt units…).

Base on open-source an modular,ROS(http://www.ros.org) framework simplifies the software development and allows easy integration and reutilization of software components whether they are device drivers or state of the art algorithms in vision,SLAM,point cloud processing,grasping,planning,swarming,etc.


  • Dimensions(LWH):
    • 880x680x450m
  • Weight:
    • 60kg
  • Max Payload Weight:
    • 100kg
  • Max Speedt:
    • 2m/s
  • Drivers and API:
    • ROS/Phthon/C++
  • Operational Time:
    • 3hrs typ/8hrs max
  • Power:
    • 1000W peak
  • Battery:
    • 48V 20Ah Li-Po
  • Maximum Permissible Gradient:
    • IP66
  • Encoder:
    • 25000Pulses/m
  • Feedback:
    • battery status/running status
  • Control Mode:
    • Voltage,Speed,Whell,Speed
  • Communitcation:
    • USB/Ethernet

More information

More information, please click http://intelrope.de/bulldog-mobile-robot-outdoor/